Poem: Accept Chaos, Cultivate Creation

There are infinite worlds within this dimension

At every moment, entropy occurs.

For a moment it casts the physical world into stone, in the now,

For us to grasp.

Then it keeps on crumbling, into the future.

Tumbling downward,

beautifully into random chaos.

Our souls come forth, through free will,

To capture the scatter of physical decay.

Climbing upwards,

into a new dimension of meaning.

Every moment is a fork in an infinite number of roads.

This is the “world”, as we know it.

Our only control of any of it is the tiny slice of the tumble that we re-direct and alchemize into truth..

This is where we evolve towards order and love.

Choose love.

Tumble with grace.

Accept the chaos and destruction around you.

Then create from within.